Api Key Application

Apply for Api Key

Register an account and upgrade to a Pro user on https://chainbot.io/. Provide the email associated with the account to the team to apply. Each account will be assigned a client_id and a secret_key.

Authentication Method

The authentication method is Base Auth, which means using Basic: base64(client_id:secret_key) as Authorization.


For instance, if the assigned client_id is test_client_id and the secret_key is test_secret_key,

Then, base64(test_client_id:test_secret_key) = dGVzdF9jbGllbnRfaWQ6dGVzdF9zZWNyZXRfa2V5

The code to send the request is

curl "https://api.chainbot.io" \
     -H 'Authorization: Basic dGVzdF9jbGllbnRfaWQ6dGVzdF9zZWNyZXRfa2V5'

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