Arweave Bot Monitoring

What is Arweave Bot Monitoring?

Arweave is a decentralized storage chain where users listen to the content stored on it through tags on Arweave.

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Typical Use Cases for Arweave Bot

  1. Monitoring Mirror articles

  2. Monitoring other lightweight data stored on Arweave


Arweave users may store large files on the chain, such as PDFs, mp4s, etc. Currently, the ChainBot platform does not support parsing the content of large file types.

Supported Data Sources

How to Configure Arweave Bot Monitoring?

After logging in to the ChainBot platform, click on "Create Bot" at the top right -> "Arweave Monitor".

Info Explanation

Tags Conditions Explanation

Data Conditions Explanation

Users can filter the content entities stored on Arweave based on their own conditions. Taking Mirror as an example, if you want to monitor articles with the keyword "Aptos", you should fill it in as follows:

Template Variables Explanation

Default Alert Template

[ {$} ] 
{$data.authorship.contributor} publish new article {$data.content.title} 
Time: {timezone($data.content.timestamp,8)} 
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Notification Message Example

[ Aptos Mirror Monitoring ]

0x7620D7991a8469ef7F26B5Da7952e27C16074367 publish new article aptos1021


Time: 1669643104

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